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Arbor Animal Hospital was founded in 1983. Daryl Mabley was a young idealistic veterinarian from UC Davis –just 3 ½ years out of vet school. He had a plan to develop a family –oriented practice which would link him to his clients and his community. By providing high quality, personalized care he was determined to make a success of his tiny three room - one man practice.

Irvine was a city -in -the -making also. In fact, the entire south side of Jeffrey Road was still orange groves. The Arbor Center was 2 years old and located next to Arbor Animal Hospital was the only pet store in Irvine –Nancy’s Animal House.

As the city of Irvine has grown, so has our practice. After 30 years and four expansions, Arbor Animal Hospital is now a thriving full service hospital. Dr. Pam Peth joined the practice in 1992, Dr. Andrew Phositlimpagul in 2004, and Dr. Megan Whisler is our latest addition since 2011. We have state of the art equipment and a wonderful staff of receptionists, technicians and assistants.

Veterinary medicine has come a long way in a quarter of a century. Flea and tick control, although still an issue, no longer constitutes the major portion of pet care. Recent changes in vaccine protocols have further tipped the balance of our practice. And, as pets have become more fully integrated into families, we now spend a far greater portion of our time treating the complex medical and surgical problems which in the past would have simply resulted in pets dying or being put to sleep. As in human medicine, greater emphasis is now placed on preventative care such as dental care, diet, regular check –ups and routine bloodwork.

We are happy to say that through all the years and all the changes, we have held fast to the original intent – providing caring, high- quality veterinary services, doing well by doing good, and working to foster and enhance that precious bond between animals and their humans.

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